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Commercial Line Striping

Types of Line Striping We Offer:

Replacing Existing Line Striping

All forms of paint used in line striping will eventually start to fade. When that happens, you’ll want to re-apply the striping – ideally using the same or an improved placement that addresses the needs of the property. We are able to go over existing lines smoothly, re-create prior placements, or create new designs that are brighter and longer lasting.


Parking Lots

Parking lot markings do not always fade immediately. In addition, if there is any damage to asphalt or concrete, the resulting damage may have affected the quality or visibility of the lines. Not only can we repair the lines themselves, but we are a full service paving contractor, which means that we can also repair all of the damage so that the parking lot, roadway, or walkway is free of defects.


After New Concrete or Asphalt Installation

Once a new asphalt or concrete parking lot has been created, the space becomes essentially a blank canvas. It becomes important to create lines that maximize the space, placing features such as: parking spots, handicap spots, crosswalk lines, walkway lines, “do not park” areas, street lines, warning lines, and more

Every line is important, and our specialists will make sure that all the lines are in their proper place, with materials that are long lasting, reflective (if necessary), and capable of driving traffic day or night.

Additional Line Striping Services

Delaware Valley Paving offers solutions for parking lots, roads, and other flatwork based on the needs of the property. For those that need help with line striping, we can offer: line stripe layouts, curb preparation, ADA and handicap line striping, walkway striping, court striping, and field markings.

We’re also able to help with services beyond line striping after any new asphalt or concrete installation/replacement. We can install signs onto the parking lot, provide repair, and perform other tasks that help the space look its best.